Saturday, June 19, 2010

Season 1, Episode 19: "Game Changer"

Original Air Date: March 31, 2010

Claire has a tall order to fill in finding a trendy new gadget for Phil's birthday; Mitchell confronts his confidence issues; Cameron gets mixed up in a neighbor's personal problems; Jay has a chess showdown with Gloria and Manny.


Funny lines & moments

Phil: Honey, it's OK, I don't feel things anymore.


Phil: Just headin' out to the yard to get a shovel for my cake.


Claire: Who want's some cake? (as she's carrying the iPad into the room)

Phil (looking the other way): I used to, but I don't desire food anymore. (He sees the iPad.) Oh, my God, you got it!!! All this time I said I didn't care, but I do care, I care so much!


Jay: I'm going to teach him real chess, not the Columbian version.  We actually use the pieces to play the game, not smuggle stuff out of the country.

Gloria: I know one Columbian piece you won't be playing with later.

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