Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Season 1, Episode 22: "Airport 2010"

Original Air Date: May 5, 2010

Gloria surprises Jay for his birthday with a trip to Hawaii, but it's the gift that keeps on giving at the airport when the entire Pritchett clan is invited to come along.

Funny lines & moments

Cam (talking about a play date between Lily and another kid Jasper): And this is the only time Jasper could do it.

Mitch: How full is Japser's calendar?

Cam: This is a coup.  When you get in with Jasper, doors open.  He's a legacy at Happy Time Preschool.

Mitch: We're kissing up to a 10 month old?

Haley: Hey, check out that cute guy.

Alex: He's out of your league.  He's reading a book.

Claire (nervous, and pouring coffee): I'm sorry, I'm a little tense.

Phil: Coffee will help that.

Phil: You want to take something?  Maybe calm your nerves.

Claire: No, no, I want to be alert, if the kids need me.

Phil: What a mom.  Sometimes I wish you were my mom.

Claire: Oh God, Phil.  I'm already feeling a little queezy.

Cam: I'm just breaking in a new pair of hiking shoes. This always happens. All the men in my family have wide ankles. I have an uncle that can only wear bell-bottoms. Hand to God.

Phil is driving Mitch back to Mitch's house because he forgot his wallet. Mitch is nervous because they might not make it back in time to make the flight.

Phil: Relax, pumpkin, I got this. It's all about knowing the route. You're talking to a guy who made his way through college by driving a petty cab. You know what one of those is?

Mitch: Yes, yes, I just saw one pass us.

Phil: If you show enough houses, you learn all the tricks. Every realtor is just a ninja in a blazer. The average burglar breaks in and leaves clues everywhere, but not me. I'm completely clueless.

Jay (at the airport bar and the bartender is pouring a drink): Make it a double, I'm traveling with my family.

Gloria: I wanted to spend some time alone with my husband. Drink cocktails by the pool, sleep in.

Jay: I could not love you any more than I do right now.

Gloria: I also found a topless beach.

Jay: I was wrong.

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