Thursday, June 24, 2010

Season 1, Episode 24: "Family Portrait"

Original Air Date: May 19, 2010

In the first-season finale, Claire has her work cut out for her when she organizes a family portrait. Meanwhile, Gloria and Phil take Manny and Alex to a Lakers game; Jay helps Luke with a school project; and Cameron gets a job as a wedding singer.


Funny lines & moments

Claire: Sweetie, if they don't fit you then you're going to be the only one not wearing white and then you're going to stand out... like Where's Waldo.

Phil: Actually, Where's Waldo doesn't stand out. He's super hard to find... that's the challenge. Also, his name is just Waldo.

Jay: The new maid keeps mixing up my underwear with Manny's. I put on the first thing I grabbed, it was like a crotch tourniquet.

Then later...

Manny: Hey mom, I think my diet's working. My underwear won't stay up!

Phil (talking about his idea for a family portrait): My idea was to have the whole family in a giant bed, like in Willy Wonka.

Claire: That's ridiculous.

Phil: Ridiculicious.

Haley and Claire see Phil on TV at the basketball game. When Claire calls him, she sees him on TV pick up the phone, look to see that it's Claire calling, then puts the phone back his pocket so it will go to voice mail.

Mitch: Pigeons aren't scared of anything. They stand on electrical wires.

Luke: Did you cut any other famous hair?

Jay: Oh yeah... the Kennedys, Richard Nixon, all the astronauts. How do you think Buzz Alrin got his nickname?

Cam: Mitchell, I get it. You're terrified of small talk... and birds. You're just lucky that pigeon didn't want to chat you up about the weather.

Cam (with the sprinklers going off): Hurt locker. It's more like squirt locker. (Nobody laughs or reacts.) Really? That wasn't funny? I actually pity you guys.

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