Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Who is the best actor on Modern Family?

My favorite show on TV by far, and probably for about the last 10 years, is Modern Family. Great writing, and I love the camera work (this style is not new, but sometimes it's like the camera is a silent character in the scenes), but the biggest thing that makes it stand out (in my opinion) is the casting. OUTSTANDING! There is no clear lead actor, it's almost like a show filled with supporting actors. Which got me thinking... who's the best actor on the show?

As for the men...

Ed O'Neill? I think he's perfect for his character. Aging guy who marries a younger Latin women, his world has been a bit rocked by being a father again to step son Manny, but maybe he sees this as his chance to get fatherhood right. Love him in this part, I don't think he's the best on the show.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson? The uptight, needs everything in its place character... Ferguson is great for it. But not the best.

Ty Burrell? My favorite character is Phil Dunphy. Trying too hard to be the perfect dad and husband. He's dorky but doesn't know it (flashback to when he was a cheerleader, and in one episode he references not playing a sport (basketball?) to focus on his magic). But as for the best, keep going.

Eric Stonestreet? Yes! The big gay guy with the higher voice, and the hand gestures, and the funny quips and one-liners (he says in one episode how he wants to go back to being the trophy wife... too funny). He nails it. I hope he wins an Emmy.

As for the women... this one is easier for me, only because there are fewer choices. (I'm leaving the kids out of this one.)

Sofia Vergara? Cast very well for this part. She's had quite a career in the Latino world prior to coming to the US. And she's awesome in this part. Plus, she's drop-dead gorgeous. But I think the best is...

Julie Bowen. The sometimes narotic mom, dealing with kids who are growing up, and being married to clueless Phil. I think she's so believable in this part.

What do you think???

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