Monday, August 16, 2010

We Love "Modern Family" So Much That We Named Our Dog After The Show

It didn't take long for my wife and I to be hooked on Modern Family (ABC, Wednesdays).  For me, I think it was about 10 minutes into the first episode I watched.  For my wife, it was the following day, after she watched the same episode from our DVR.

So how much do we love the show?  Enough to name our dog after the show.

Let me explain.

We got a new dog in March of this past year.  We found the dog online about a week before we met him and ultimately picked him up.  During that week, we went through possible names that we liked... Woody... Lincoln... Rocky... Otis... Archie... Grady... Barney...

I really liked Grady.

And then about a day before we were going to meet this dog, my wife and I were talking about Modern Family.  I mentioned something about the Phil Dunphy-isms.  "Hmm... Dunphy would be a good dog's name", my wife said.

And the decision was made.  Dunphy.

Naming a pet after a TV character was not completely a novel idea.  Our previous dog of 7 years, "Monty", was loosely named after Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons.  In fact, a few of the names on our list could be linked to TV shows: Woody (Cheers), Archie (All in the Family), Grady (Sanford and Son), and Barney (The Simpsons).

So I guess our silly little tradition continues...

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  1. Really amusing anecdote :)

    BTW, any idea when is the next episode (or maybe) season?

    Keep up the good work :)